PNG’s first ministry with correct caption

PNG's first ministry, 1973-74 copy

David Stephen has very kindly identified the members of PNG’s first cabinet in the correct order as they appear in this photo, left to right:

Thomas Kavali (National Party) Minister for Works; Julius Chan (People’s Progress Party) Finance Minister; Reuben Taureka (Pangu Party) Minister for Health; John Poe (PPP) Minister for Trade and Industry; Bruce Jephcott (PPP) Minister for Transport; Michael Somare (Pangu) Chief Minister; Paulus Arek (Independent) Minister for Information; Paul Lapun (Pangu) Minister for Mines; Gavera Rea (Pangu) Minister for Labour; Boyamo Sali (Pangu) Minister for Local Government; Ebia Olewale (Pangu) Minister for Education; Albert Maori Kiki (Pangu) Minister for Lands and Environment; Donatus Mola (PPP) Minister for Business Development; John Guise (Independent) Dep. Chief Minister and Minister for the Interior; Kaibelt Diria (Nat) Minister for Post and Telegraphs; Moses Sasakila (Nat) Minister for Forests; Iambakey Okuk (Nat) Minister for Agriculture, Stocks and Fisheries.

Thanks for that David.

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