Lighting-up Time at the Goroka Show

There are so many brilliant sing sing photos on the Internet these days that it is fair to wonder whether a couple of old snaps from 40 years ago could add much to the general pool. It is just that PNG’s sing sing costumes are so amazing and so diverse, it is always possible to find something new. The two attached photos were taken at the 1973 Goroka Show. I was lucky enough to be able to go to both the Goroka Show and the Mt Hagen Show twice. Unforgettable experiences.


Asaro fire starters, Goroka Show 1973.

The first colour slide (pretty ancient now) is of a fire starter boy lighting the fires in the clay-pot headwear of the dancers. They came from the Upper Asaro region of the Eastern Highlands, north to north-east of the regional capital of Goroka, and with their glossy bodies they were eye-catching. If you are planning on going to the Goroka Show any time soon, keep an eye out for the group of performers from this district or village.


Masked dancers at the Goroka Show, 1973.

The second photo, above, is of a group of masked dancers also, I believe, from the Asaro district of the Eastern Highlands and I thought they looked very impressive. The Asaro mudmen are great too but they tend to be favorites with photographers. This mask you don’t see so often so I hope this group is still sending performers to the shows.

2 thoughts on “Lighting-up Time at the Goroka Show

  1. I have only just now seen your comment. I have to be honest with you and admit that my two slides have been through Photoshop, but only to colour-correct back to normal any signs of fading. I remember the mud along the Highlands Hwy that afternoon and I have pics of PMVs bogged down in it. They were loaded with cheerful visitors returning home to their villages. The new highway was still under construction at that time.

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